You will also be required to provide documentation to support your application, such as academic transcripts and English test results. Some Master’s programmes will also require you to provide more extensive documentation. For more information, please view the individual programme information and Swedish admission


To study at Malmö University you must apply online through The website contains all the information you need for the application process and the steps you need to take after you have completed it.

Results from the second round of selections are made available at the beginning of August and at the beginning of January respectively. There is no need to respond to this admissions offer. Make sure to apply by January 15 through When clicking the ‘Apply’ button on the programme page, you will be directed to the national admissions website You will then need to create an account to be able to submit your application. Paying the application fee and exemptions The deadline for the application is February 18, 2021, 13.00 (1.00 PM CET). Remember that it is important to fully complete your application on and to submit the application form in order to qualify for our scholarship. results

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must submit the official results of an internationally recognized test or examination. See: NoSuchFlowExecutionException 2020-09-25: Look at project results to track your Originally from Sweden, Dr. LU Zoom Lund University has an instance of Zoom Account at Lund University via more about them  2 results for "André Edqvist" Produktägare på Universitets- och högskolerådet | & Stockholm County, Sweden. is the site where you apply to study at Lund University or other 2020-09-25: Look at project results to track your project B submission,  Students need to apply to our local application system Moveon but also through the national admission system University Admissions. Please  Should anyway have two Lucat IDs user account at to En ny privat webbläsarsession two Lucat IDs at project results to track project. You can download your Notification of selection results at which you'll need to provide it to Boplats to unlock the student housing queue. Du laddar upp dina inskannade dokument direkt på och

Apply. Then wait for the results. What're you waiting for.

Notification of Selection Results. Your notification is your acceptance letter and will tell you what courses you've been offered a place in. This notification is available as a PDF-document on and You may be placed on reserve (waiting list) for a course or programme.

If this is the case, it is very important - at any time from your admission until August - that you let us know you won't be accepting your place by declining your offer at Notification of selection results (University Admissions) Contact For queries regarding the application process and user account at, please contact University Admissions Support Centre .

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Respond to any … To apply, please use the online application service This will serve as a notification to us to search for your result in the data-base. Without a copy of your score report your GMAT/GRE result will not be considered. 4. make sure your test centre submits your test result directly to Stockholm Business School. Admissions results will be published on this date. results

(Applied at Bachelor's level? Well, you will have to wait just  21 Oct 2020 After admissions selection, results are posted in your account here at in the 'Application' section. 23 Sep 2020 The result of your application – the Notification of Selection Results – will be notified online at
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Admission results are only notified online in your account. You will need to print the notification of results from your account as proof of your admission (a printed copy is needed for residence permit applications and for many other situations).

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Selection and admissions results. If you meet the entry requirements and submitted your application on time, you'll compete for places in the courses and programmes you've applied for.

You'll also see where you can download your notification as a pdf-file. This pdf document is your official admissions notification and can be used whenever you need a paper copy of your results. Selection and admissions results Submenu for Selection and admissions results. Search University Admissions Support Centre. Admission results are only notified online in your account. You will need to print the notification of results from your account as proof of your admission (a printed copy is needed for residence permit applications and for many other situations). Read more at Applied for a master’s programme?